The Dead-End Dieting Cycle

Most people who have dieted have tried many different programs with no successful results. Most diets deal with reducing calories and the use of prescription appetite suppressants. This causes the patient to lose weight but often times it is muscle and water weight not FAT. When an overweight/obese patient tries to reduce calories to lose weight, they will first burn their normal reserve fat cells. Once these are used up, the body will move on to burning the structural fat cells (both of these types of fat are necessary, and are not the kind of fat that leads to obesity). The last fat cell on the list to be utilized is the abnormal fat (adipose tissue), or the fat that causes people to be overweight. By the time the patient gets to this point they feel hungry, fatigued, and generally give up on the diet. This type of dieting causes patients to feel exhausted, to lose fat in the wrong places like in their face versus their belly, hips or thighs. It also depletes them of nutrients, which lead to further complications.

This is where the Amazing New Me program comes in and is set apart from other diets. This program reverses everything. Our sublingual spray attacks the abnormal fat cells releasing or metabolizing about 2,000-3,000 calories a day. Now, our patients can go on a low calorie diet without starving. Yes, the diet is very specific, but when this is done in combination with Amazing New Me sublingual spray, the body is able to burn fat and use it as nutrients. Which in turn feeds the individual so in essence though they are eating 500-1,000 calories and their body is releasing additional calories from their fat. This is why people are NOT hungry and actually report a sense of well-being and energy while on the diet.

Seeing is believing and that’s why the before & after pictures you see on our website are so amazing.
We look forward to helping you to become an AMAZING NEW ME.